“Expose It” picks up the idea of an outfit where every part of the body that’s usually wrapped in  clothes is naked, everything that’s normally openly visible is covered. It’s a critique to today’s society in which humans feel like they “must follow societal standards” with their outfit choice, people get judged based on the amount of skin they show. Different factors, e.g. the cultural root, play a crucial role in society’s perception of showing skin and its reaction towards that same. Be it “too much” or “too little” skin exposed, the respective person may get to feel that he/she doesn’t “fit in the norm”, meaning that person may be considered “abnormal” or even “odd”.

The project at issue is a reaction to this topic, showing that bodies are beautiful in their pure, natural way, without any necessity to be defined by clothes, brands, or a conscious revelation of more or less skin to express true beauty.

Expose It, 2020.    
Coffee Table Book, B&W Photographies, 297 x 420 mm.
Idea and Concept: Henrique Carvalho and Cara Schanuel.
Art Direction: Henrique Carvalho and Cara Schanuel.
Photography: Cara Schanuel.

Guided by Gastón Lisak.