Curious mind, passionate heart, open soul. ✨ 

¡Hola! I’m Cara. I’m a 27 years old Photographer with a background in International Business (HFU Furtwangen) and I just graduated from ELISAVA (Barcelona) completing the Masters in Visual Design and the additional undergraduate “Mention in Research”.

Sounds like a wild mix? I’d say that’s what makes me me. 🤗

I’m fascinated by People. Listening. Sharing. Experimenting, aiming to create meaningful work in the intersection of Art, Sustainability and Design. 

With Food Design Nation, I am currently diving into the field of food design which for me is a wonderful way to combine my curiosity for sustainable design with my love for food and my desire to create meaningful work. All that while connecting and sharing with like-minded people.

I’m always open to exciting collaborations,
tell me if you have something in mind! 💡

Featured in:
- IAM Weekend (11/2021) Moderation of Panel Discussion with FDN on “Building a Nation Without Borders”

- ELISAVA Alumni (07/2021) Photography for Nicole Vindel

- Vogue Spain (03/2021) Co-Art Direction, Photography, Videography for Nicole Vindel

- The Guardian (12/2020) Photography for SAAHAS Zero Waste

Selected Clients:
- Misonny Art Festival
- Foodcultura
- IAM Internet
- Soon in Tokyo
- Gastón Lisak
- Nicole Vindel
- Luca Hugo
Random Happiness
Maui Beach Cowork
SICK Linköping
- Green & Pepper Sustainable Agency
- to:from